General Assembly, UXD Course

UX Design Instructor & Teaching Assistant focussed on delivering student outcomes

February 27, 2016   ·   UX,Instruction,Facilitation

Instructor for part time UX Design course, delivering learning objectives and industry practices. Focussing on the benefits, process and practice of design thinking, and test and learn, including research, ideation, prototyping and usability testing. Foundation in lean and agile frameworks.

UXD23: Instructor
(Piloted new curriculum in Australia achieving an NPS of 78.6)
UXD15: Instructor
UXD13: Teaching Assistant

I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Damian since October of 2014, while he contributed as an instructor to our User Experience Design part-time courses at General Assembly. Damian is a passionate and dedicated industry professional who has added great value to our student programs with his field insight, analysis and clarity and practicality of instruction. Damian's ownership of course content, bolstered by his rich background knowledge and work experience, and his strong work ethic to help students succeed, has been a huge addition to our education community. Receptive and innovative to feedback and iteration, collaboration with Damian has been informative, creative and effective.
Nikki Fiedler
Course Producer, General Assembly, Sydney

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