A panel discussion on approaches to Design Thinking

Exploring and demonstrating design process with a theoretical brief.

June 30, 2016   ·   panelist, speaker, design thinking

Assembly Air

'Design in Motion' is General Assembly's annual design event, aimed at raising awareness of the process and mechanics of a range of design disciplines.

To launch the week long event General Assembly invited myself and a colleague, Adham Dannaway, to put together a brief that would form the basis of not only our own presentation, but that of a number of other designers invited to present. We decide to rethink the flight search experience, and we decided to use the classic 5 step Design Thinking process to clarify and explain each step.

After we had set the brief we only had a week to go through the process, and prepare our talk. The other designers invited to speak were: Adrian Ciaschetti (Sparrow Flights), Sash Singh (The Ideas Factory) and Emma Lundgren (Thoughtworks).

'Design in Motion' was held at The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (formerly The Powerhosue Museum) on 30 June 2016, and it was to a full house of 350 people that we presented.

Below are a selection of slides from our presentation.

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