I'm Damian, a design leader and strategist based in Sydney, Australia.


I started my design career in publishing, and then as a cross-media visual designer and art director, creating digital and print solutions to clients problems. Mostly I created campaigns that had both digital and physical elements, and while the work was rewarding and varied I was always left feeling a little empty. I had a great portfolio of work for good brands that I could use to show my accomplishment in creative, visual design and production. I even won a few awards for my work, however, I was always more interested in how things worked and what motivated people, than in being a stylist.

As more digital work came onto my horizon I realised that I needed to up-skill in the 'functional' side of things. I read about digital design voraciously and while doing so stumbled upon User Centered Design – what is now called UX Design. It was a revelation, I could indulge my love of understanding people, their psychology, and how they work, with creative problem solving. I began delving deeper and putting what I learnt into practice. And I failed, many more times than I triumphed, but each time I learnt more. I started to include more insights and feedback into my work, trying to find and understand data to make the websites and apps I was creating more successful.

As my career has progressed I have developed the soft skills that are ever more important in getting the best digital products onto the market. Skills such as need finding, communication, stakeholder engagement, facilitation, and strategic thinking are all critical to the collaboration required to deliver better outcomes for both business and customers.

...And now

Currently, I am the Director of Product Design at Australia Post.

As a member of the leadership team within Australia Post's Research & Design Centre of Excellence, I am responsible for the development of our product + experience design practice, from craft to culture – focussing particularly on my team of dedicated product designers. I oversee the development, expansion and maintenance of our Postmaster DS, as well as the experience design principles, standards and strategies for our digital channels and platforms – and ultimately millions of senders and receivers around the globe.

I am passionate about enabling my team, and creating a space where individuals can perform to their full capacity.

I have previously taught UX design at General Assembly, and Academy Xi. I enjoy staying in contact with many of my students, watching as they start out in their careers in advanced problem solving.
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  • AdSchool (Advertising Federation of Australia), 2009
  • Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication), 2000

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