ANZ Customer Review app

Enterprise level need-finding , authoring and presentation application for iOS.

November 1, 2014   ·   User Research,UX,Interaction,UI,Usability

ANZ Business Bank were looking to implement an innovative solution to help their enterprise level business bankers understand their customer needs and drive the best solutions.

The remit of the project was also to move from a manual and laborious process of customer enquiry, verification and presentation, to a simpler intuitive digital approach allowing a tablet device to be their primary tool for data collection, as well as a repository for presentations and documents, allowing the bankers to close the deal with the device, driving productivity.

As part of the consultancy selected to do this work, I was tasked with running the design team and the activities required to make the project successful.
My initial focus was on customer research, and working a SME in this area conducted a number of interviews and workshops to uncover underlying problems with the existing process. We uncovered the complexity of the systems and all the dependencies in the current system design.

We then ideated various solutions aimed at solving the key needs, before honing in on our key proposition and the direction for the solution. We then prototyped the solution, so that we could get it in front of customers and discover if it met their needs.

We then worked with the developers in our lean delivery team, to deliver the project to spec.

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