Qantas Transformer

A streamlined internal test tool for digital Business Analysts.

May 26, 2017   ·   research,business tools,UX

A large piece of work surrounds the technical tools employed by Qantas Digital and the impact these tools have on productivity and efficiency.

I undertook contextual research to see how business analysts used an existing technical solution in their day-to-day work flows when testing the Booking and Servicing engines, to discover some of the limitations and pain points with the existing solution.

With the insights gained I formulated a new approach to the proposed solution with input from the development team, and tested it with a pool of BAs to gather feedback. After a few iterations the team built and delivered a new, streamlined interface that allows BAs to not only to manipulate data, but also to see the customer facing entry points relevant to their testing.

An intuitive and quick-to-market tool was built using principles of Material Design.

Qantas Loyalty Innovation Day